Archived Sunday Teachings (2017)

(Current Sunday teachings available here)


Taking up our cross, 3 Dec



'Beware of false prophets', 26 Nov


His ambitions, not mine, 12 Nov

The church must outshine the world!, 19 Nov


Converting and becoming like little children, 22 Oct

Ministering from a sure foundation, 8 Oct

Storing up treasure in heaven, 15 Oct

The return of those who have fallen away, 1 Oct


Where are the men?, 24 Sep

It isn't about me!, 10 Sep

Resurrection life, 17 Sep

Who am I?, 3 Sep


The sheep and the goats, 27 Aug

The weightier matters of the law, 13 Aug

Our spiritual weapons, 20 Aug

It's hard for us to kick against the goads, 6 Aug


Coming to Jesus without deceit, 23 Jul

Glorifying God through suffering, 9 Jul

Being prepared for Jesus's return, 16 Jul

Setting our minds on the things above, 2 Jul


Truth versus deception, 18 Jun


Pentecost and the fruit of the Spirit, 4 Jun

Having a tender heart towards God, 11 Jun


Jesus is waiting until His enemies are made His footstool, 21 May

Slavery and Freedom, 7 May

Slavery, freedom, and election, 14 May


 The seven Spirits of God, 30 Apr

Easter Sunday: Resurrection life and the burning heart, 16 Apr

'No one comes to the  Father except through Me', 2 Apr                       

The power of pure faith, 23 Apr

Easter week and the life of Christ within us, 9 Apr                  


Being a living sacrifice through steadfast endurance, 19 Mar

Please see accompanying slides to this teaching here.

The marriage union, 5 Mar

(The slide on sexual immorality which Joseph refers to at 47:10 can be found here)

The baptism of the Holy Spirit, 12 Mar



All the promises of God are Yes in Jesus! 26 Feb

The heart's cry, 12 Feb                                                                

 'He humbled Himself', 19 Feb

The breaking of the outer man and the release of the Spirit, 5 Feb


His church is His special treasure--believe it! 29 Jan

Answering His call, 8 Jan                                                       

The life hidden with Christ, 15 Jan

 'This generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place,' 1 Jan

“If you knew the gift of God … you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” John 4:10