Archived Weekly Teachings (2018)

Please note, these are the audio only versions of the teachings.  For video teachings, please see here.

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His increasing reign and peace in me, 21 Dec

Mission update: Do we desire great things for ourselves?, 2 Dec

Note: This recording does not capture the first few minutes of the teaching.

The true joy of Christmas, 9 Dec


Whom He loves He chastens, 18 Nov


Believing unto salvation, 4 Nov

Contending for the prophetic utterance (Tobias Odipo), 11 Nov


Radical grace in our prayer ministry, 21 Oct

He is with you through every trial (Daniel McMinn), 14 Oct


Half way to next Resurrection Sunday, 30 Sep

As we go on with Jesus in His trials, His Kingdom comes, 14 Sep

We are His treasure, is He ours?, 2 Sep

Being like Jesus, 23 Sep                                                       

Persecution comes when the Spirit falls, 9 Sep               


True spiritual freedom and the life eternal, 26 Aug

Spiritual authority and intimacy with Jesus, 12 Aug

Removing the deeply entrenched roots, 17 Aug

The groaning of creation, 5 Aug


Being kept in His perfect peace, 22 Jul

Ps 107: He answers the cries of the broken and humble,  8 Jul

Spiritual knowledge of Him is essential, 13 Jul

Walking in the light of the revelation, 1 Jul    


Asking in His name, 15 Jun

Becoming sons of light, 3 Jun

Shining the light He which has shone upon us, 10 Jun


Are you gripped with an urgency to fulfill your call?, 25 May

Jesus and the Samaritan woman, 13 May

The fullness of His Spirit, 20 May

Supernatural call, supernatural provision, 6 May


New wine and old wineskins, 22 Apr

Temptations, trials, and the resurrection life, 1 Apr

Seeing His glory, 15 Apr


Breaking ungodly partnerships in order to see the victory, 25 Mar

Hallowing God by living our beliefs, 4 Mar

Living Water's Mission, 18 Mar


Watching and praying with Jesus, 25 Feb

The sign of Jonah, 9 Feb

You're a son, not a slave!, 18 Feb

Ministering without mixture, 4 Feb


Making a difference in your world (Tobias Odipo), 28 Jan

 Preparing the way in 2018, 7 Jan

Are you being poured out a drink offering?,                14 Jan        

“If you knew the gift of God … you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” John 4:10