Archived Sunday Teachings (2016)

(Current Sunday teachings available here)


Simeon's prophecy over baby Jesus, 18 Dec



'Do not be afraid, only believe,' 27 Nov

The victory of Jesus of Nazareth, 13 Nov

Cultivating the presence of the Holy Spirit, 20 Nov


Let His light shine in the darkness!,                                30 Oct                           

The gospel message is for the whole world (we are citizens of the kingdom of heaven!), 16 Oct

Through the infilling of His Spirit, we become children of God, 2 Oct

Interceding for 'kings and all who are in authority', 23 Oct


What are we plugged into?,                                                 9 Oct


Escaping the snare that's to come, 25 Sep

Being transformed from glory to glory, 11 Sep

The more excellent way, 18 Sep

He has a plan for you!, 4 Sep


He rescues the humble and the poor in spirit, 21 Aug

Jesus taught us how to pray, 7 Aug 2016


How to avoid the 'trial which shall come upon the whole world' (Ballyhalbert Harbour), 31 Jul

The key to a Christ filled life: Intimacy with Jesus,  10 Jul

Jesus's words are spirit and life! (Millisle Main St),  24 Jul


He will see us through every season, 26 Jun

Is the Lord your God able to deliver you? Yes!, 12 Jun

What measure are we using?, 19 Jun


His Spirit, His peace (Millisle Main St), 5 Jun


The bread of life (Ballywalter), 22 May

Will Jesus find faith when He returns?, 8 May

The fountain of living water (Portaferry), 15 May


How precious the lost are to Him! (Portavogie), 24 Apr

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Come to Jesus! (Kircubbin), 10 Apr 2016

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Spiritual unity, 17 Apr

'Judge not, that you be not judged' (Greyabbey), 3 Apr


Easter Sunday - Has He risen in your life?, 27 Mar

Be strong and very courageous!, 13 Mar

Palm Sunday Street Preach (Ballywalter), 20 Mar      

The weightier matters of the Spirit, 6 Mar


Sowing the seed, 28 Feb 2016

Consecrating our garments, 14 Feb 2016

Spiritual fitness, 21 Feb 2016

Ps 90: He is our dwelling place, 7 Feb 2016

'Come to me', 7 Feb 2016


Building on the rock (with Matthew dedication), 31 Jan 2016


Let your light shine!, 10 Jan 2016

Living sacrifices, 17 Jan 2016

“If you knew the gift of God … you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” John 4:10