Street Preaches (2018)

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 Jesus came to mend and rule our hearts (Millisle), 21 Dec



Jesus is the only way (Ballywalter), 30 Nov

Come to Jesus and He will give you rest from your burdens (Greyabbey), 16 Nov

How we overcome (Kircubbin), 23 Nov


He saves first, then He transforms (Portavogie), 19 Oct

The good Shepherd (Ballyhalbert), 5 Oct


Are you desperate? (Millisle), 27 Sep

Sorry no recording for this street preach!

The time is fulfilled, repent and believe! (Portaferry), 7 Sep


Jesus has power to heal and power to make me holy (Kircubbin), 31 Aug

Are you dead or alive? (Portavogie), 3 Aug


The Holy Spirit brings godly conviction (Millisle), 13 Jul

No one knows the day or the hour (Ballywalter), 6 Jul


The Father's command is everlasting life (Ballywalter), 8 Jun



He brings His reward for you with Him (Portavogie), 25 May

Apologies for the poor sound quality of this recording.  Very windy day!

The Son of God is calling you to live! (Portaferry), 18 May

Please note, Joseph did not have his microphone for this street preach, so you will have to turn the volume way up to hear it!


Jesus is the only way! (Ballyhalbert), 23 Mar

The compassion and provision of Jesus (Millisle), 9 Mar


Self-rightousness cannot save (Ballywalter), 1 Feb

Sorry, no recording available for this teaching!



When we are weak, He is strong (Greyabbey), 12 Jan