Archived Weekly Teachings (2019)

Please note, these are the audio only versions of the teachings.  For video teachings, please see here.

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Biblical prophecy and the Antichrist, 15 Dec

Please note: this recording was cut short a little bit due to a technical difficulty.  The verses that Joseph went on to read after the end of the recording were 2 Thess 2:3-12 and 1 John 2: 18, 22 and 4: 3.

God's heart and will for the Ards Peninsula, 1 Dec

Do all to the glory of God, 8 Dec


Spiritual warfare and facing our giants, 24 Nov

The 'warfare' song which Joseph refers to at the beginning , and which we played after the word, is available here.

Judgement and wrath must come, 10 Nov 2019


Justice, mercy and faith, 27 Oct

The new season for Living Water: transparency and mission focus, 4 Oct

He was sent to heal the brokenhearted, 13 Oct                


Obedience to the heavenly vision, 22 Sep 2019                                                                                               (Password protected, please contact us for the login details)

Will we pour out the blessing to the Lord?, 8 Sep

2 Cor 4: A picture of the Spirit filled life, 13 Sep

Taking the Lord's supper in a worthy manner, 1 Sep


Coming to Jesus, 16 Aug

Climbing the mountain, 4 Aug

The unity of the Spirit, 11 Aug 


The revelation of radical grace, 19 Jul

Persecution and revival, 7 Jul


Stepping fully into the new order, 30 Jun

Dwelling in Zion, 9 Jun

Breaking the curse through substitutionary repentance, 16 Jun (Password protected)                                                                                                                                

The battle is the Lord's, 2 Jun


Will we step out on His authority?, 24 May

Who is worthy to open the scroll?, 12 May

Let us run to receive the imperishable crown, 19 May

The Lord is calling up Josiahs, 5 May


Resurrection power and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, 21 Apr

Being baptized into His death, 14 Apr

It's time for our Gethsemane, 19 Apr                                   

'Out of the strong came something sweet', 7 Apr


Whatever He says to you, do it!, 29 Mar                           

Laying down my rights, 8 Mar

Bringing our tithes and sacrifices and rejoicing before the Lord, 17 Mar

Are we watching for His return?, 3 Mar


Standing upon His Word, 24 Feb

The mercy seat of God, 10 Feb

Will we be overcomers?, 15 Feb


Will we partner with Jesus and believe in Him?, 25 Jan

Holy Spirit and fire, 13 Jan

When we believe in Jesus, we become the righteousness of God, 20 Jan

New levels of spiritual fruit for 2019, 6 Jan