About us

We are Living Water -- a Mission of Jesus Christ for the Ards Peninsula.  We are not affiliated with any particular Church organization, but many of those who sojourn and serve with us have churches of their own which they attend. 

Our Mission is threefold:

1) To make disciples of Jesus Christ (Mat 28:19)

2) To partner with God in bringing spiritual revival to the Ards Peninsula (and beyond!) (Ps 85:6-7; Mk 16:15-18)

3) To prepare the way of the Lord in advance of His return—for He is coming quickly! (Is 40:3; Rev 22:7,12,20)

We meet Sunday afternoons in the Upper Room (see map below) from 1:30pm for worship, word, and prayer.  On Fridays we conduct outreach and street preaching  throughout the Ards Peninsula.  We meet once a month on a Friday evening for worship and prayer in the Upper Room, and we also have a Wednesday afternoon weekly Bible study (also in the Upper Room).  All of our meetings are Spirit filled and very informal.  Please fill out the form below to find out  more information.

At Living Water, we warmly welcome all those whom the Lord draws in, no matter how 'presentable' or how flawed, for our Lord came to heal those who are sick, not those who are well.  

Where we meet:

The Upper Room

140 Moss Road, Millisle
Newtownards, Northern Ireland, BT22 2DT

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